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This month, we asked the lovely TV Star Rebecca Maddern all questions motherhood, career, love life and more!

Did your perception of motherhood match the reality of having a baby and being a mum?

Yes and no. First of all of course I knew I would love my baby but I wasn’t prepared for how intense and wonderful that love would be.

I also wasn’t prepared from this point on, everything in your life would revolve around them. They always come first, every second of every day. 

On a lighter note I didn’t envisage myself in the kitchen or the laundry quite as much! 

Motherhood has definitely changed me as a person, that change has been for the better but gone are the days of just relaxing or self indulging! 

What has been the biggest challenge?

To let go and not worry so much. I want the best for Ruby, obviously but at times that can become a little overwhelming.

If she doesn’t eat a good dinner, I think she’s not going to sleep. If she has toddler meltdown I worry she’s going to hurt herself etc.

The list goes on and on. My husband always reminds me that she’s not a robot and some days she’s going to do things for no apparent reason and that’s ok. 

You and your husband both work, how do you balance family time, couple time and self-time?

With great difficulty but in saying that we are very conscience of it.

To be honest we don’t have much of a social life. I fly to Sydney every Friday to work across the weekend and he looks after Ruby.

During the week I’m the main carer with Ruby going to family day care on Mondays and we have a nanny on Thursday nights and Fridays. 

We try to have date night every Thursday, it doesn’t always happen but we try even if it’s just a quick bite to eat.

We need for this to happen because I’m not here on weekends. 

Self time, I’m laughing! If I can have a shower by myself without a toddler sitting on her step stool watching me I consider that a great day!

What has your journey with breastfeeding been like? What do you feel are some of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to breastfeeding?

I wanted to breastfeed but was ok with it if it didn’t work.

I found the technique side of it quite hard in the beginning but once I got comfortable doing it, I really loved it.

I mixed fed Ruby from Day 1. She had one bottle of formula which was her last feed before going down for the night.

It also gave me some flexibility as I had an ongoing work project I had to finish off when she was just a few weeks old. If she had to be fed a bottle by someone else then I knew she would take it.

I never expressed, I just didn’t like the thought of it. Ruby was just with me and I just fed her when she needed to be fed. I found the 2am feed quite beautiful to be honest, the stillness of the night, just me and her. I miss it actually. It’s a magical bonding experience. 

Some people think breastfeeding should just come naturally, the instinct does but how to do it doesn’t. Ask for help and ask for help early on. Don’t suffer in silence. If it doesn’t work out, bottle feed. The most important thing is that your baby is happy, loved and fed. 

Are organic and Australian made big deciding factors in your home? Why yes/no?

Absolutely! Why wouldn’t they be.

I read the labels on most things in the supermarket these days. For example, it came to my attention the peanut butter I had been buying wasn’t using Australian peanuts. I changed to another brand immediately.

I don’t buy everything organic but I’m lucky enough to have an organic butcher next to my supermarket so most of my meat is. Not all my fruit and veg is but where possible I will always choose organic. 

What is Ruby’s favourite way to have Uganic milk drinks?

Due to the fact that she is a very active toddler we always have “bliss balls” in the freezer.

I make these with the Uganic certified organic milk powder.  

We also do smoothies with this as a snack. 

Self-care/beauty tips for busy mums?

Make an appointment and stick to it. Whether that be your nails or your hair appointment do it and don’t feel guilty about it. 

I also like to take a walk on the beach alone. It’s so good for the soul.

A simple bath can also do the trick,. 

One piece of advice for new parents/something you wish you knew perhaps?

I feel these days there is almost too much information out there about pregnancy, birth, feeding, sleeping, everything really and it can very confusing.

I think you should just get all of your information from one or two qualified people and just stick to that. I did.

My midwife is an angel and I just followed her advice from the outset.

My new born phase was bliss because of that. 

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